Saturday, May 26, 2012

Headed up North?

Hey friends!  Since many of you dear readers are Minnesotans, you all understand the mass exodus to head up north during the summer.  One of my sweet friends, who is new to eating gluten free, is up north this weekend and just told me her family's favorite pizza restaurant is now offering a gluten free menu.  It includes pizza, appetizers, dessert and beer.  Plus, she said it was delicious!  She thought she'd only be able to order a salad but was so happy to be able to order a gluten free pizza.  So if you are headed up to the Brainerd Lakes area (Grand Rapids, Nisswa, Cross Lake) you might want to head out and try Rafferty's Pizza.  Let us know if you do and if it is egg free too!  Thanks readers and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!!


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