Monday, May 21, 2012

Which would you rather?

Lately, Noah and Josie have been asking Anna "Which would you rather?"  kinds of questions.  It is as if they are attempting to understand how she feels, having food allergies.  At lunch today this is what I heard.

Josie: "Which would you rather do?  Go to the Waterpark Of America every day or eat wheat stuff and not get sick?"
Anna:  "Eat wheat stuff and not get sick."

 Wow!  I was even a little surprised by Anna's answer.  She LOVES the Waterpark of America!  We can't drive by it without the kids asking when they can go there.  These types of questions reveal so much about how she feels about being allergic to foods.  She seems to handle her allergies so well.  In fact, family and friends often comment about how well she accepts her food allergies.  She doesn't say anything when others have something that she cannot.  Like this morning at breakfast,  Noah and Josie had some donuts and cinnamon rolls (leftover from the boys camping weekend).  Anna just asked if I could make her some oatmeal. 

Josie's question gives us all a little more compassion and understanding for what it is like to live with food allergies.  If I could give her the gift of no food allergies, I would.  She is such a trooper!  Man, oh man, I am so thankful for each of our kids!


  1. I echo your feelings. Conversation sounded like adults talking. We, too, feel very blessed by each of the kids. And, you, Melanie have done a superior job in researching her food.
    Anna knows all too well what a 911 call for her is all about. For her to be so 'accepting' of her allergies is amazing.

  2. So sweet! Thank you for sharing this. What a strong little girl she is-indicative of how she'll be when she grows up I believe!!! Strong woman of God able to face whatever challenges come her way with grace :)

    You've done an amazing job Melanie!!!

  3. Thanks guys! She is a strong and brave little girl!

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