Friday, February 15, 2013

Candy Store

I woke up to the kids playing together really well in our basement.  When I opened the kitchen cupboard, I noticed the kids candy was missing.  Hmmm...I wondered what was going on downstairs.

 {deep breath by Mom}  Was the basement a big mess of candy?

The kids heard me and called for me to come downstairs and shop at their "Kandy Store."

They were suppose to be cleaning their playroom in the basement today and now they created a store with more to clean.  I had a choice to make.  I could be upset with them for creating even more mess to clean (unfortunately, this is my natural tendency) or I could choose to soak in the moment and their fun ideas.  They were so excited about it.

{another deep breath}  As they were taking my order I realized I needed to embrace this sweet moment of them working together creating something.  These moments will be gone before I know it.  They are growing up so fast, I wish I could slow time down.

 They made a wonderful (although, not exactly accurate) menu...

And they had a wonderful selection to choose from of candy for breakfast.

Thankfully, they gave me play money to pay with because when I bought a Twix for 1 cent, they charged me $3.00. Hmmm...

 P.S.  Later I found several empty candy wrappers hidden under the couch.  This whole store may have been just a ploy to eat candy for breakfast (and a little more than Mom knew about).


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